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KJK Rope Dog Leads ~ Couples clip lead

We make a variety of brace leads, some are on our list, some made as specials for customers. We now have a new clip lead called "couples clip lead" which is designed for two people to be able to share walking one dog. We make them in either one colour or two colours (1.2m length) and they are ideal for adults or an adult with a child.

We can make the one colour leads in our usual range of 8mm and 10mm colours. For the two colour leads, we are starting with the colour combinations shown below, but we can make any combination within the range of colours on our colour chart. The two colour ones are particularly attractive where the rope splice blends the two colours together, effectively "coupling" the lead.

Code 135 = 8mm, one colour
Code 136 is= 10mm, one colour.
Code 137 = 8mm available in either matt black/matt red or shiny blue/shiny pink
Code 138 = 10mm available in either matt black/matt red or matt blue/matt red

Code Couples one colour cliplead for sharing dog walking
(2 people and 1 dog)
135 8mm dia - 1.2m length
136 10mm dia - 1.2m length
. .
. Couples two colour cliplead for sharing dog walking
(2 people and 1 dog)
137 8mm dia - 12m length
138 10mm dia - 1.2m length

Just hold both handles when walking a dog on your own. Sharing the pleasure of dog walking with a child.
The solution when both children want to walk the dog. Let your young child walk the dog but still stay in control - dog and child.
Combined with our product code 301 for 2 people and 2 dogs. Shows how the couple lead works and is ideal for a strong/boisterous dog.

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